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Bonding table magnet

  • Carbon Fiber bracket
  • Light weight cross roller bearing
  • High acceleration
  • High rigidity
- for better Wire Bonder X-Y Solution
Wire bonding

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XY CRX stage assembly

The ability to measure light intensity accurately in UV curing is challenging for the UV assembly manufacturer and it is a critical piece to control a UV curing process.

A need for precise alignment and positioning assembly for better UV curing process is required.

The XY CRX stage which is precisely aligned with XY CRX stage assembly provides the specification required by end users.

UV curing

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LMS XY actuators
  • Use for wide range of applications
  • Features ironless linear motor
  • High speed and high precision motion
  • Low velocity ripple
  • Allows processing efficiency
  • Smooth cogging-free motion
  • High accuracy position
Pick and Place

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LMS XY Stage
  • Optimized to deliver exceptional reliability and throughput at a low cost of ownership for:
    • Marking
    • Cutting
    • Engraving
    • Drilling
  • Assembly features
  • High accuracy and high repeatability
  • High speed
  • Cogging-free motion
  • Low settling time
  • Large load
  • Easy to install
  • Simple maintenance

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XY stage actuator assembly
  • X-Y custom low profile stage with mounted PBA systems PDDR Direct Drive Rotary Motor
  • Powered by PBA Systems DXB ironless linear motor
  • Ensures the mechanical components do not degrade overtime
  • Ensures responsive scanning motion with low settling time achieved
Laser trimming systems

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XYZ-actuator assembly
  • A dual head gantry with 2 input and 2 output station
  • Used as a pair, 4x Z head with DX ironless linear motor
  • Improved motion performance
  • Better acceleration and deceleration
  • Higher speed with shorter acceleration distance
  • Smoother motion lends the system more stability and less position errors
Wafer visual sorter

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